Beyond MD Medicine

Medical Intuition and Energy Healing by Dr. Lester Adler, MD (H)

Over the years of practicing integrative medicine, I found that my intuitive perceptions could pinpoint the core of a client's issues.  Insights, healing, and positive feedback often followed.  

My practice is now solely dedicated to energy medicine, giving clients a new path forward.

Unraveling the Mystery of You

Everyday we learn more about the mysterious connection between body, mind, emotion, and spirit.  When we are not in a state of well-being, how can we heal?

We listen to our body, use our knowledge, and attend to our  physical and emotional states as best we can.  Sometimes that is not enough.  Sometimes we need to go deeper.

Spending time with someone with a clearer perspective can help.  

Dr. Adler has this talent.  He is a seasoned intuitive with decades of experience as an integrative medical doctor.  

Dr. Adler perceives where energy is not flowing freely and needs to shift or transform.  

A session can help shine light on hidden blocks and attachments.  Once  they are accessed and brought to conscious awareness, healing can occur and old patterns can fall away.


copyright 2016 Lester Adler, MD, MD(H)