Beyond MD Medicine

Energy Readings and Healing by Dr. Lester Adler, MD (H)

Over the years of practicing integrative medicine, I found that intuition could pinpoint the core of a client's issues.  Insights, healing, and positive feedback often followed.  

My practice is now primarily dedicated to energy medicine, giving clients a new path forward.

"...profound benefits..."

Thank you for helping me get my life back. After just two energy healing sessions, I have experienced profound benefits.  Shoulder and neck pain was keeping me awake all night, I had limited full-range use of my arms, and the stress and pain could trigger 3-day migraine episodes that would land me in the ER under heavy medications.  I am now able to sleep at night.  I have full use of my arms, shoulder and neck pain is minimal, and I am having only occasional migraines of a lesser intensity – no more 3-day headaches.  I would highly recommend your energy healing session to anyone who is starting to think they are beyond hope and help."  Patricia A.   Sedona 2014

"...gave me insight into an issue that has been with me for years."

I am thankful for the reading and hands on energy work I recently received.  The results of that hour gave me insight into an issue that has been with me for years and limited my life since childhood. 
Long ago, I had something with the bladder, he put his hand on my tummy, and what he said was unbelievable.  Whatever he says to me, it gives me something to work with on myself.  He is brilliant.  
He is so calm when he does his work.  His energy is so clear and so clean that it’s like opening the space to receive it more.  He is always right on.  
This man has so much to offer.      Dee R.    Sedona, 2015  

"Your intuitive insights were right on the mark."

“I am indebted to you for helping me identify and release a situation and ties that were having a negative effect on my health.  Your intuitive insights were right on the mark. You created a safe and supportive environment to help me move on.  I feel a thousand times stronger and healthier. Thank you Dr. Adler. “  
G. Craig, Sedona 2017

"...a year of "talk" therapy in one visit!"

My session felt like powering through a year of "talk" therapy in one visit!  
The focus in on finding the blocked energy and making a plan to balance that energy instead of painfully dredging up gory details of experiences that caused an imbalance or block.  A truly positive alternative therapy." L.B., Sedona

"Resolutions continue to unfold."

"Wonderful energy session.  Resolutions continue to unfold.  Thank you."  M.W.

" incredible sense of alignment..."

"Overall, what came out of the session was an incredible sense of alignment and knowing where and how to focus my energies for my own work on healing.  The experience of it was like a dialogue between me as soul and this other soul who had the tools and insights to bring forward a map of my terrain."  J.F.

"Surprisingly accurate. Definitely interesting."

Like you were in my mind telling what I should be more attuned to and that was helpful.
It was helpful.  Surprisingly accurate. Definitely interesting. You were able to identify some of the conditions I wasn’t so aware of.
Specifically when we were talking about back and shoulder blades… simple and interesting that I hadn’t thought could be connected.  Cliff G.   Scottsdale, July 2014

"It has changed my life by changing my perceptions..."

"Just wanted to thank you so much for the healing energy session.  It has changed my life by changing my perceptions."  V.W., D.D.S.

"It's rare to feel so seen..."

I just wish to thank you, deeply, for the energy reading session you gave me.
Well, I'm feeling so much better. I really took to heart what you shared…It’s all very exciting, things are flowing, and my symptoms have dissipated greatly.

Dr. Lester is a blessing to this world. He is a rare, deep soul who can see beyond the surface of what is really going on in one's body and mind, and connect directly, with you, the soul. It's rare to feel so seen, appreciated and understood, as you do with him. He has a gift of vision and deep compassion. I wholeheartedly recommend seeing him and experiencing the relief and clarity you will when you do. Your heart will be so comforted seeing such an experienced MD who also has this great spiritual gift of energy reading. Thank you so much.
- Arielle Hecht, author and co-founder of Awakened Academy



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